Here is the dialogue project I created for the Millennial Trains Project:

Cutting through gridlock with solution-focused dialogue

I will convene business, political, and social leaders to build partnerships for effective problem-solving. 

The Problem

Our civic discourse is stuck. There is a breakdown between powerful ideas and meaningful outcomes.  I would like to become a Millennial Train Rider so that I can use techniques from my expertise as a group process facilitator to convene focus groups of business, political, and social leaders to cut across difference and build strategies for effective dialogue processes.

Power of Process
Working with a variety of groups I have observed how well-run processes can help organizations transform conflict into opportunity. Once ordinary Americans come to see the power of process for solving problems and creating opportunities, I believe that a domino effect of solution-focused dialogue processes will spread across the nation, unleashing new power and creativity.

Spreading the Word
My upcoming book: Healing our Body Politic:  Dialogue and Action to Resolve Problems, uses my experiences working with groups to illustrate how facilitated dialogue processes can help us solve problems more effectively by increasing our collective ability to communicate, cooperate, and solve our problems creatively.

A Token of Appreciation
If you contribute to my project I would love to send you a memento of my gratitude. Please include your address when you contribute.

   For $25 or more a personalized postcard from the train route.
   For $50 or more I will send you a copy of the book I'm writing about helping groups move forward.
   For $100 or more I will send you a personally signed copy of the book I'm writing.

Incredible Opportunity 
Convening diverse groups of business, governmental, and civic leaders across the country will generate ideas and excitement for how all Americans can participate in a process of listening, brainstorming, and strategizing for effective solutions. The outcomes of these conversations will contribute powerfully to our national conversation on leadership, dialogue, and problem solving.

Highlighting Resources

This trip will be an excellent opportunity to point people towards the National Dialogue Network's conversation on wealth and poverty in America.


Thank you to all who contributed funds in support of this project.