Is "Applied Improv" the best name for our Client-Side Branding?

As I was sitting this morning before the start of the 2012 Applied Improvisation Conference. I thought about the fact that Applied Improv may not quite be the right name for the brand we’re trying to build and sell. I respect the history of this organization and its founders, and that’s why I think that's why they might see this suggestion of rebranding as an offer...

It seems to me that the unique value of "Applied Improv" is that we use integrated verbal/body approachs to set people free from harmful constraints and then bind them together into more effective teams. We are able to get people out of "themselves" and "into the team" in a very powerful way. 

I value our common work and I believe a unified brand can create synergistic value. AND it also strikes me that “Applied Improv” is jargon limiting our progress to help more people.

  • Do we need to hold on to this term?
  • What do we gain by keeping it?
  • What does it cost us to keep it?

Can we rebrand the work with a name that gives clients a better sense of what the work will DO for them and how it will make them FEEL

We come from the improv stage. But our work has outgrown that. Could we Define AI with a name that says:

“We set you free to link with others and work powerfully together?”